Brace Yourself,
With Magic of a Mizash

Mizash is a premium Indian brand for shawls, scarfs and stoles.

Mizash is a handpicked curation of Indian design and its heritage, woven and brought together, as a magical fabric experience for your body.

At Mizash, we care for your skin and how it goes with fabric. With that in mind, our products are made 100% skin friendly, easy to wash and are responsibly sourced.

You'll Love Them!

Fall in love

with our fabric

The premium quality of fabrics and wool is used which gives a completely luxurious and royal feel. Finest quality of wool yarn, long natural fibers, Australian merino wool, natural lambswool,  pashmina fabrics, exclusive hand embroideries.

Wear it on any occasion, casually or formally can be fit to any outfit.

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