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Pashmina Kashmiri Shawl

What is a Pashmina Shawl?

The wool used for making Pashmina comes from high altitude regions of the Himalaya

Pashmina shawls are the highest quality shawls crafted from very fine silk like fiber.

It has been an integral part of the traditional wear for centuries. In the earlier times, it was only worn by kings and queens and thus denoted royalty. The art of weaving Pashmina has been passed on as a legacy from generations to generations in the state of Kashmir. A good Pashmina Kashmiri shawl requires an expert hand for spinning, weaving and creating embroidery.

What is the origin of Pashmina?

Beautiful Pashmina is the creation of the beautiful valley of Kashmir The name Pashmina has been derived from a Persian word “Pashm” meaning a weavable fiber precisely wool.

Why Wear a Pashmina shawl?

Pashmina Kashmiri shawl is a symbol of luxury and elegance and has always been timeless classic style all around the world. To own a Pashmina is to experience royalty.The warmth and softness that these shawls offer is simply beyond comparison.

Pashmina Kashmiri shawls have almost become a status symbol over the past few years. Wearing a Pashmina is a luxury in itself.

Why should you always carry a Pashmina?

  • It’s the perfect combination of fashion and royalty.

Use it as a blanket on your flight.

  • A pashmina can keep you comfortable wherever you travel like a mall or a lounge and keeps you embraced in luxury as well.

  • Even at a beach..!! It can be a is perfect cover-up for the bathing suit.

  • Just Drape it around and over your head and get a classy look with your oversized sunglasses. Keep yourself up on the trends on sunny days.

  • Its so easy to repeat a dress if its with a Pashmina

Kashmiri shawls

Kashmir and its traditions are so rich and beautiful that it has garnered a special status in the world. Its glorious history is incomplete without its century old specialty product – Kashmiri Shawls. Kashmir is well known for its rich weaves, exclusive ancient craft and traditional artisans. The designs are classic and valuable because they are known to be handmade.

The artisan and skilled weaver community of Kashmir and their novel craft is world renowned with many people having a passion for buying quality weaves of pure pashmina.

Silk and cotton thread is used for the original embroidery of a Kashmiri shawl. The artisan has to twist the raw silk until it fits the eye of the needle. The workmanship is so intricate and time consuming that some embroidered shawls can take days to years time to complete. This is the reason why these shawls are exclusive.

Mughal emperor Akbar admired the shawls of Kashmir and started the fashion of wearing them in duplicate, sewn back to back, so that the under surfaces of the shawls were never seen (Do-shalla). Shawls with gold and silver threads or shawls with border ornamented with fringes of gold, silver and silk thread were most desired during that time.

In the mid-1800s the Kashmiri shawls became popular among the European, mainly the French elite. During the late 18th century, when the industrial age appeared it bestowed a certain global acknowledgement to this ancient art-form.

The earliest records of tapestry designs in Kashmir go back as far as the seventh century. In the 16th century Mughal period, however the popularity of Kashmiri shawls was in boom in the country. Primarily worn by Kings and royal courtiers, the uniquely gifted work of many weavers found its ways beyond South Asia in this period.

The art and skill of these Kashmiri shawl weavers is not new. It has passed on through countless generations among the shawl makers who have become masters in this art.

The popularity as well as the importance of Kashmiri Shawls in the handicraft market of Jammu and Kashmir is very old. These shawls are delicate and soft yet very comfortable to use and has a great demand in the international market.

Kani shawl

What is a Kani Shawl?

A Kani shawl is a type of Kashmir shawl originating from the Kanihama area of Kashmir. It is one of the oldest handicraft of Kashmir. The shawls are woven from pashmina yarn.

Kani Shawl is among the finest and rarest ones. It is also one of the oldest handicraft items of Kashmir valley, India. Since the time of Mughals, the Kani Shawls are getting its due recognition.

Kani weaving is believed to be an art indigenous to Kanihama and traced back to 3000 BC. This exquisite shawl was once coveted by Mughal Kings, Sikh Maharajas and British Aristocrats.the name 'Kani' comes from the area where this particular artisans come from, Kanihama.

How are kaani shawls made?

Kani shawls use needles made from cane or wood. The distinguishable, Mughal patterns, usually of flowers and leaves, are woven into the fabric like a carpet, thread by thread, based on the coded pattern called 'Talim' that guides the weaver in number of warp threads to be covered in a particular colored-weft.Only the trained craftsmen are knowledgeable enough to weave Kani Shawls the right way.

It does not use the shuttle like regular weaving but cane or wooden needles are used to weave it.The designer is known as the naqash who creates the pattern of the shawl. In designing a huge influence of the Mughal Era can be seen. It is quite similar to the flowers and leaves that are woven into the carpet.

The naqash first draw the design on the graph paper and then fill it with colors. The weavers are the craftsmen who bring the design into life with the help of the stick needles that are loaded with different colors of yarns. Surprisingly, there is no embroidery but the design is weaved on the texture of the shawl. That is the exclusiveness of Kani shawls.

The amount of labor, time, and intricacy of craftsmanship is required to weave a single Kani shawl is more than any other form of hand loom product. For that reason, it is considered as the most expensive.

Shawl, Stoles and Scarves as fashion accessory

Finding one's own identity to stand out in the crowd has become a passion . Fashion connoisseurs also emphasise the need to look unique. Fast fashion can interfere with the idea of exclusivity. International apparel brands and retail groups are fast churning out designs. Individuality and exclusivity are tough to attain in today's ever-changing dynamic market.

The apparel world has become more open to experiments. The biggest testimonies to this cultural cross-culture are the shawls , stole and scarf. Carving out their own pathway, these accessories have emerged as fashion must-haves across the world.

The rise in working women has also made scarves and stoles an important accessory for females. Wearing it casually or during formal occasions, a scarf is a chic and classic accessory.

Women Shawls, Stoles and Scarf have become a must have collection in your wardrobes that only accentuates your outfit but stands you out as a personality.

Emerging market for Shawl, Stoles and Scarfs

Ladies shawl, scarf are perfect for sprucing up your little black dress or tossing over your shoulders and using it as a pillow for the flight. The beauty of the shawl is that it can be worn during all four seasons. It can be a wonderful wrap, in the winter it is a warmth accessory. In spring it can be fastened with a safety pin to freshen up a blouse and in the summer a swimsuit cover-up.

Anyone can wear an expensive jacket or a flashy dress, but one’s accessorie is what separates you from the crowd. Stylish scarf, shawl and stoles is by far the most versatile accessory that can add glamour and extra elegance to any outfit.

Women stylish Shawls, Stoles and scarvs comes in wide variety from embellished intricate embroideries, florals to paisleys, exclisuve kaani weaves, jamawars , jamdaani , kashmiri embroideries . Each scarf carries a story, it carries a mood. Be unique in your own way, and have fun playing with colours textures and materials. The personality of every scarf or a shawl is distinct and defined.

Wear a haute couture dress and complement it with an ultra-soft glam scarf or a stole to stand out in the crowd.

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