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What are the shipping options?

To allow the customer time to cancel orders made in error, fulfillment doesn't start until the next business day. Standard: 2-7 business days in the US, 6-14 days in Canada, 5-20 days internationally

What do I do if I received a defective order?

We at Kiara Chanel Art take great care in the packaging of our products, but if you do receive a defective product we would require you to mail back the product, and after assessing the return product a refund will be processed straight away.

How do I contact your company if my question isn’t answered here?

The most easiest and effecient way to contact is is through email (kiara@kiarachanel.com), where we aim to reply back within 48 hours.

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Mizash is a handpicked curation of Indian design and its heritage, woven and brought together, as a magical fabric experience for your body.

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